My role

Icon Design

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What is Key Detect App?

Key Detect is a nice little iOS application that detects the melodic key of any song using the built-in microphone.

more about the development of this project below

Team setup

I was part of a team formed by 2 iOS developers, 1 UX/UI designer (myself) and a project coordinator (also myself). My duty was to create the interface language, provide the graphic assets, coordinate the team and act as a bridge between the team and the CxO level.

The chalenge

The projet had a very short timeframe for development and I also needed to cover the position of the UI designer in the team in parallel to the coordination.

My contribution

  • created the first concept in less than a week
  • developed the click-dummy prototype for user testing in Quartz Composer
  • provided the user interaction guidelines
  • created the design direction and iOS icon design