Stems is an open source multi track audio file format split into four musical elements: drums, bassline, melody, vocal/effects. These elements can be controlled individually during playback. Stem Creator is an application that allows anyone to build Stem audio files.

My Role

I was part of a team formed by 2 product designers (incl. myself) and 1 team lead. In this team my duties related to this project were to create the initial design direction for the product, prioritize features and gather user feedback, conduct internal stakeholder feedback sessions, support the creation of user surveys, sync and coordinate with other internal departments like Customer Support.

The Challenge

As STEMS were a concept that was long under development before I joined Native Instruments, most of the details were already established so there was not much design freedom. Nevertheless the product itself (the Stem Creator tool) was not set in stone and I was able to set the direction for the teams.

My Contribution

  • provided initial concept direction
  • created the first prototype of the application and the first wireframes
  • helped the internal team alignment by closely working with 2 other UX designers and 1 UI designer
  • contributed to the release strategy as Program Level Product Designer
  • conducted internal stakeholder feedback sessions
  • contributed to the quantitative user surveys creation for assessing market response and user needs

Initial Prototype

The initial prototype provided a direction for the design process but also a first opportunity to get user feedback.