U-MIX 44 is an external USB sound card that supports 4 inputs and 4 outputs as well as a monitoring headphones jack and one input jack for the microphone.

My Role

I was part of a team formed by one product manager, one software developer and a UX/Industrial Designer designer (myself). During development my responsibility was to provide 3D product visualization and high-resolution 3D imagery and support the silkscreen process.

The Challenge

All the modeling and 3D rendering was done without having the actual product in my hands the images are generated only from sketches of the product.

Silkscreen Design
3D Modeling
3D Product Visualisation
Rendering and post processing

My Contribution

I provided 3D visualization and silkscreen files for this project and I also made the images for web and print that gave the team the ability to promote the product to market before receiving the first samples.




  • provided 3D modeling with no access to the real product or any detailed blueprints
  • created the renderings and worked on the post processing for the marketing imagery