U.M.C.P. is a USB MIDI device that can be used to control any software that supports MIDI on MAC/PC/iPad

My Role

I was part of team formed by one product manager, one hardware engineer, two developers and one UX + industrial designer (myself).

I took part in all stages of the development from the conception to the final release including packaging and user manual

I drove the initial design exploration phase and then together with the team we decided on the direction to go. I was responsible of the industrial design of the product which also included the silkscreen design.

The Challenge

The scope was to create a new DJ midi controller from scratch in a multifunctional and globally spread team.

The people involved were from different parts of the globe with different time zones and required a considerable communication effort.

This project was also an exercise of developing two products at the same time. Both of the products had a similar design but different feature sets. One of them had an incorporated sound-card while the other did not.

Industrial design
V-Shaped EQ
Integrated handles
Silkscreen design
Jog wheel design

My Contribution

Areas of the development of which I was responsible:

  • created several product design proposals (the final design was chosen by the Mixvibes team)
  • designed the completely new jog wheel design different from other designs on the market
  • created technical drawings and 3D files for the manufacturer
  • designed technical schemes for the user manual and packaging
  • provided the files for the silkscreen process (the text printed on the device itself)
  • contributed with product visualization through the entire duration of the development process
  • created product renderings for marketing (web, print and packaging)

Notable personal contributions and solutions:

  • V-shaped EQ to accommodate the small size of the device and make space for the load and browse buttons
  • handles molded directly in the case for better ease of use
  • optimization of the jog wheel size
  • reduction of the device height by realigning the internal components resulting in less material and lower weight
  • function assignment for knobs and buttons (ex: kill function for the equalizer)
  • knobs design

Initial Design Exploration

The initial requirement was to create a completely new and original design. Here are just a small part of the initial design ideas that I explored.


The controller received the Mixmove Tech Award – “Best DJ Software” in 2011 for being the best DJ Controller under 600€.