Hardware MIDI interface that works on USB. It has an integrated sound card that supports ASIO with 2 stereo RCA outputs and a headphones jack for monitoring.

My Role

I was part of a team formed by one product manager, two software developers and one industrial designer (myself).

During development my responsibility was to provide 3D product visualization and high-resolution 3D imagery.

I also participated in the product development by offering ergonomics advice and function assignment counseling.

The Challenge

For this project, all the rendering and modeling was done without having the device at hand and with absolutely no blueprints. I reconstructed the 3D model using only a few low quality pictures.

Loop LEDs solution allowing for the use of less LEDs to display more loop intervals.
Effects section mapping. Integrated video effects with audio effects using the existing available controls.
Jog wheel industrial design. Maximized the jog wheel size and ergonomics.

My Contribution

  • created the 3D product model for the subsequent renderings
  • contributed with mappings proposals for new features
  • designed the jog wheel within the constrains of the product (largest possible jog given the existing constrains)
  • provided 3D product visualization through the entire duration of the development process
  • created the silkscreen design
  • provided the product renderings for marketing (web, print and packaging)

Other notable personal contributions and solutions:

  • created the mappings for the the entire FX block of functions
  • designed a solution for the loop LEDs that allowed assigning multiple loop intervals using less LEDs
  • designed new iconography for the silkscreen (ex: vinyl button)