Department of Mathematics and Informatics – TUIASI

A web design and development project for the Department of Mathematics of the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" of Iasi
open project

My Role

I was responsible of the design direction, implementation of the new website design and coordination of the content creation process but also for the deployment and maintenance.

The Challenge

The project required the complete implementation of a new and refreshed website interface that integrates well with the existing websites of the institution.

My Contribution

  • created the concept and set the design direction
  • implemented and coded parts of the interface using jQuerry
  • created interaction design guidelines
  • oversaw the content creation and followed up on the progress ensuring the content is available on time
  • conducted stakeholder feedback sessions for refining and defining information architecture, interaction patterns, navigation model
  • prepared the graphic resources
  • installed the website and provided maintenance
  • implemented multi language support
  • translated content to english

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MDM – Insurance Litigation

Litigii Asigurari is a brand developed for MDM Associated Law Offices to promote its consulting services for the recovery of material and moral damages that result from car accidents
open project

My Role

I was responsible of the design direction, implementation of the new website design and coordination of the content creation process.

The Challenge

The project required the development of the concept within in a short deadline and it had to support multiple pixel densities by using vectorial SVG imagery. Promoting and increasing the visibility was the biggest challenge as this was a completely new website.

My Contribution

  • developed the design direction
  • conducted co-creation workshops with the stakeholder/client
  • oversaw the creation of content
  • created interactive parts of the interface using Javascript and jQuerry
  • developed the custom WordPress theme
  • created vectorial imagery to support high DPI screens
  • provided graphic resources preparation and data centralization for the website content
  • tracked analytics and managed SEO

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“Small World” Photography

Personal photographic project.
open project

About this project

The idea of the project came to me after visiting the “Miniatur Wunderland” exposition in Hamburg. “What if the world is not such a big place and we are all figurines in a small exposition?” i then asked myself. Another determining factor was also the need to express my creativity outside the working environment.

  1. all the pictures are taken using the phone builtin camera and no other professional or dedicated camera is allowed
  2. all the pictures are grayscale and no sepia effect or for that matter no color effect of any type is allowed
  3. architectural icons and well known tourist attraction sites are to be avoided as much as possible ( for example: no Eiffel Tower of any kind or form )
  4. the project should include as many images as possible  from the day to day commute

The Project is exclusively available on Instagram for the moment.

since 2012
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