Project Goal

Create a phone application that can be used to control car features remotely.

Project Stages

The project stages included the following:

  • research (existent similar applications, required functionality, user expectations ..)
  • sketching and brainstorming
  • wire-framing
  • prototype coding
  • full color design

App Features

The application is designed to control most important features of a car.
The main screen is split in two parts to allow control to the car commands, but also to the statistics.

The user can control or see the status of features like:

  • clima
  • GPS
  • music
  • fuel / electricity consumption


After the initial research and a few hand sketches, the wire-framing is the next logical step. This sets up the controls in their space and allows a first view of the entire product layout.


The prototype was realized entirely in Framer (CoffeeScript). This allowed for rapid interaction testing in order to validate that the concept actually works. It can also be used in user testing to check the user reaction without waiting for actual code to be written by the developers..

Full Color

Well, time has come for the interface to get its actual look. Modern, clear and simple were the main principles that guided the creation of this UI.