Cross DJ for iPhone is a very nice and full featured pocket DJ-ing application. It supports desktop level functions like: beat-match, auto-sync, effects, loops, scratch, headphones monitoring and many more.

My Role

I was part of a team formed by 2 iOS developers, 1 UX/UI designer and during the project I also became the project coordinator. My duty was to create the interface architecture, create the graphic assets, coordinate the team and act as a bridge between the team and the CxO level.

The Challenge

A nice challenge of this project was adapting the already created iPad interface to the smaller screen of the iPhone. The same design language was kept and adapted to the different dpi of the iPhone screen so that the user can instantly recognize the relation to the initial iPad app.

Having a size constrain forced me to thing more thoroughly about interface simplification and the solution that I found were then reimplemented also on the bigger screen of the iPad.

My Contribution

For the first release I contributed with:

  • successfully coordinated the project team by providing a clear direction and greatly reducing the “back and forth” decisions
  • created roadmaps and release planning by estimating the tasks together with the team members
  • designed the initial interface concept and provided design direction
  • developed prototypes and new ideas ideas that after validation got implemented not only in this software bu also in other products
  • conducted user research and user testing sessions

Other notable areas I contributed directly:

  • ameliorated the ergonomics and usability of the user interface
    • track info header color and layout
    • settings and recording pane functionality
    • library design update
    • sync-meter indicator usability
  • created new interactions for different parts of the project that were successfully implemented and adapted to the entire product range
    • settings pane interaction design
    • pitch bend solution
    • pitch value display
    • record and auto-mix indicators
    • simplification for the audio modes settings