Mobility Inside Holding GmbH

My role

UX/UI Design Lead

Project of

Mobimeo GmbH

Project type

Full time


2019 – 2022



What is Mobility Inside?

Mobility Inside Platform is a software development solution that can provide customisation and branding opportunities for multiple clients. The apps from this platform provide convenient and efficient ways to move around or navigate using public transport or sharing providers all in one app.

What is unique about Mobility Inside?

Mobility Inside Platform can provide customisation and branding opportunities for multiple clients. As of July 2023, 15 apps are part of this platform.

more about my role in this project below

My contribution – features I worked on

I worked closely with Product, Engineering, Research and Analytics to define and refine the features of this platform. Here are some of them:

  • creating the first Design Vision (Northstar) prototype
  • setting up the design system for supporting multiple brands (close to a headless design system)
  • implementing the whole search flow
  • providing design direction and expertise for
    • migration from Sketch to Figma
    • different features and areas if the app (discovery, booking, account)

Design vision (Northstar)

To showcase the vision of the app internally and externally I built a fully functional prototype (in ProtoPie). This allowed the design team to get stakeholder buy-in and for the company to attract possible clients by showcasing the Northstar vision in diverse trade shows. This fully functional prototype was even used attract talent during the recruiting process.

Customisation sheets

Since each app of this platform can have a different look, in order to preview all the branding elements I created customisation sheets. These show the most common UI elements that can be branded.

Maintaining the app store assets

All the 15 apps (as of July 2023) have their individual app icons. These are created using a shared template and in some cases the clients can provide their own version for the app icon.

Splash screens

Another branding opportunity I supported are the actual app splash-screens. These are unique to each app and represent the region where the client operates.

Branded UI

The whole design system was optimised to support multiple brands. After the app icons and the splash screens, the app UI is the most important contact point with the users. Elements that support branding:

  • primary brand colours for UI elements (like buttons or pagination dots)
  • illustrations (for empty states or error cases)
  • local modality icons (for example a bus icons in Stuttgart is different than a bus icon in Berlin)