What is Deep Pockets?

Deep pockets is a personal budget mobile tracking app.


What platforms will it be available on?

Android and iOS.


What is unique about Deep Pockets?

There are indeed many budget tracking apps, maybe you have tried a few. How did it feel using them?

Well, Deep Pockets aims to be the most EASY to use of them all. Yes, not more not less. As easy as a todo list!


Where can I find out more about the app?



Can I download it anywhere?

What about the design process?

Keep scrolling and you will get a glimpse “behind the scene” from the actual design process and some of the intermediary versions.

How was it made?

Initial Sketches


The ideation started with just a few scribbles, pen and paper, nothing fancy. At this stage anything more than low fidelity sketches increases the risk of investing time in artifacts that are later thrown away anyway.

The Actual Design

Design principles

Focusing the design is crucial for saving time later during the process. In order to do this we can use different tools like Personas or Design Principles.

Here are the principles this app was design on.


“Time is money”, so the users’s time is an expensive commodity. Everything should be optimized for speed, especially when the user inputs data.


The app should feel solid also from the design standpoint. User will received immediate feedback following any action, visual and where possible haptic.


Nobody reads the manual and best apps don’t have a manual. App features should be self explanatory and extremely easy to understand.

Ease of use

Compared to the competition, this app aims to be the best in class when it comes to user friendliness.

Exploration is a process. Each version represents an idea and it is compared and measured against the others to ensure that the final solution is the best it can be.

The Main Screen

Design is a process and does not happen over night. The initial idea evolves over time and gets refined based on USER feedback and research.

Here is a small sample showing the evolution of the main screen of this application as it went through different versions.

The “Add Expense” Screen

The entire app went through a process of optimization and simplification. User session after user session added enough data in order to de-risk the design and lower the actual development time.

Here is how the “add expense” screen design was simplified following user feedback.

Icon Design



Low fidelity handmade sketches of the initial icon idea. Each of these were user tested in order to validate the final solution.



The icons design exploration included the creation of several version of the icon.

Final winning design


The solutions were measured against a list of required values and qualities that included the following:

  • easy to recognize
  • trustworthy
  • familiar
  • inviting
  • fresh and clean

App Screens

app version – 3.0.0