My role

UX/UI Design

Project type

Full time



What is Traktor?

Traktor is a professional 4 deck software application for DJs. It has a fully customizable interface, supports effects, powerfull cueing and looping and works with all hardware controllers.

My role

I was a member of the Traktor design team formed by 2 product designers (incl. myself) and 1 team lead. My duty was to prioritize features based on user feedback, conduct internal stakeholder feedback sessions, sketch and prototype new solutions, support the creation of user surveys, sync and coordinate with other internal departments like Customer Support or Industrial Design.

The challenge

The quantity of  user feedback was considerable especially on the online medium but also in the internal Customer Support department. Considerable internal communication effort was required in order to achieve alignment.

My Contribution to the project

  • identified and prioritized problematic areas of the existing product by centralizing user feedback from Customer Support, Artist Relations, public forums an one on one user feedback sessions
  • co-created personas for our product for better aligning the development teams and various departments
  • made the development timeline more visible by creating the initial development plan for implementing new features using the “User Story Mapping” technique (by Jeff Patton)
  • developed prototypes in QT-QML using the actual product and therefore reducing the development time
  • created the initial visualization idea for the STEMS feature (STEMS are a multi track audio format)


  • helped synchronizing UX efforts across the department’s multiple teams (our department had 3 UX designers and 1 UI designer)
  • mentored and supported the adoption of tools like Framer or Sketch by the other UX designers within the department
  • led a cross department workgroup dedicated to unifying documentation across the company (team was formed by 4 UX designer incl. myself)
  • contributed to the hiring and on-boarding of new colleagues

Example Project – STEMS visualisation