MDM Legal – Associated Law Offices

My role

UX/UI Design

Project type




What is “Litigii Asigurari”?

“Litigii Asigurari” is a brand developed for MDM Associated Law Offices to promote its consulting services for the recovery of material and moral damages that result from car accidents.

My Role

I was responsible of the entire project from design direction, implementation to content creation and copywriting.

The challenge

The project required the development of the concept within in a short deadline and it had to support multiple pixel densities by using vectorial SVG imagery. Promoting and increasing the visibility was the biggest challenge as this was a completely new website.

My contribution

  • successfully coordinated the team that included both on-site and remote team members
  • provided the interface graphic assets while covering a double role in the team
  • designed and conducted co-creation sessions with the team members
  • involved the development team members in user feedback sessions
  • due to the variety of device resolutions I proposed the usage of vectorial graphic resources for the interface rather than plain jpg/png
  • created a responsive interface capable of adapting to the variety of display sizes (Android as an ecosystem supports a wide range of devices, each of the with different resolutions and pixel densities)

Color Palette

Background #1


Background #2


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