My role

UX Design
UI Design
User Testing

Project type

Full time



What is Cross DJ App?

Cross DJ is a powerful mobile DJ-ing application that turns your device into a complete mixing platform. It has all the features of any desktop level DJ-ing application including: beat-match, auto-sync, effects, loops, scratch and more.

What is unique about Cross DJ App?

Cross DJ is one of the first multi-platform DJ-ing apps that could run on both iOS and Android.

more about the development of this project below

Team setup

I was part of a team formed by 3 developers, 1 UX/UI designer (myself) and one project coordinator (also myself). My duty was to coordinate the team and act as a bridge between the team and the CxO level while also working on the interface maintenance.

The challenge

For this project it was interesting to balance the design duties with the project coordination duties. Another particularity of this project was that one of the developers was remote and it required an extra communication effort.

For the project a special challenge was the design of a responsive interface capable of adapting to different screen resolutions.

My contribution

  • successfully coordinated the team that included both on-site and remote team members
  • provided the interface graphic assets while covering a double role in the team
  • designed and conducted co-creation sessions with the team members
  • involved the development team members in user feedback sessions
  • due to the variety of device resolutions I proposed the usage of vectorial graphic resources for the interface rather than plain jpg/png
  • created a responsive interface capable of adapting to the variety of display sizes (Android as an ecosystem supports a wide range of devices, each of the with different resolutions and pixel densities)

Colour palette

I have chosen the colors for this interface based on human color perception. Colors that are positioned at equal distances from the center of the human visible range give equal amounts of contrast and when presented close to a third color.

Color #1


Color #2