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3D Modeling
3D Rendering

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What is U-Rip 22?

U-Rip 22 is small form factor sound-card that can quickly add one additional input to your laptop to be user when recording from a turntable.

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Team setup

I was part of a team formed by one product manager, two software developers and one industrial designer (myself). My task was to give the team valuable images for marketing and presentation purposes in print and web formats. The goal was to promote the product before the manufacturer even produced the first sample.

The challenge

This like most of my other 3D projects the model was reconstructed from images and sketches with no direct access to the real hardware. The result though was nice and I still enjoy watching these 3D renders.

Early product visualisation

  • modeled the 3D case of the unit with no access to the real product or any detailed blueprints
  • provided renderings for marketing and packaging
  • designed the silkscreen