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Hey there,
I am Sorin

designer, creator, and Berlin based human being.
I’m a design enthusiast and a generally inquisitive person. I enjoy working on everything design related for mobile or web and I also dibbed my hands into hardware and even some programming 😉 .

Check out some of my latest work below.

DB Everyday Mobility

Design System – Whitelabel  app platform


Design System – Customer support web platform

DB Streckenagent

Mobility app

Older projects

EinbürgerungsTest Trainer

German naturalisation training app

Mobility Inside

Whitelabel app platform

Deep Pockets

Budget tracking app


Automotive case study

MDM – Insurance Litigation

Accident insurance litigation support

Cross DJ

DJ-ing app

Kontrol S4 mk3

DJ hardware controller

U-Mix 44

USB audio interface